The exceptional quality of Gray Beard surfactants allows for use in a wide range of markets and applications where formulations benefit from the superior wetting performance, caustic solubility and coupling performance, or for improved detergency, foam stabilizing and ingredient compatibility. Market applications range from oil field, to plastics and coatings to commercial detergents and ware washing specialties.

EPA Registered Products

Gray Beard maintains a full range of EPA registered quat-based active ingredients with an expanding range of end-use products available for supplemental registration. Gray Beard continues with the tradition of consistent high-quality ingredients, extensive and innovative product claims, all with responsive customer service and support.

Personal Care

Gray Beard Personal Care ingredients include cationic, anionic, nonionic and amphoteric ingredients that function as foamers, emulsifiers, conditioning agents and preservatives that deliver outstanding sensory attributes in cost-conscious formulations. For use in leave-in and wash-off products, Gray Beard offers an extensive line of quality ingredients.

Topical Antimicrobials

Gray Beard Mirus topical USP/NF antimicrobial actives and formulated concentrates are produced under appropriate cGMP controls and FDA protocols for OTC Active Drug Ingredients. Mirus products find use as Cosmetic Ingredient broad spectrum preservatives and Active Ingredients in OTC Topical Antimicrobials/Antiseptics such as antibacterial hand soaps (washes) and sanitizers (rubs).

Gray Beard

With decades of experience within the full scope of the specialty chemicals arena, Gray Beard Solutions was established to meet the needs of formulating chemists by producing and supporting differentiated performance ingredients and formulated concentrates. There is an overwhelming commitment on the part of Gray Beard to introduce new technologies and exceptional alternatives to common ingredients that expand the limit of what is possible.

Featured Products

35% active sodium decyloxypropyl iminodipropionate in water. Exceptional hydrotrope activity for coupling nonionic surfactants into strong electrolyte and high alkaline systems.
10% 4-Chain Quat in water solution. EPA Registered Sanitizer, Disinfectant, Virucide. Synergistic 4-chain dialkyl and monoalkylbenzyl ammonium chloride combination for effective use in a wide range of applications.
85% active behenyl (C22) trimethyl ammonium chloride in flake form. Effective and efficient self-emulsifier conditioning agent for hair and skin.
50% active benzalkonium chloride solution in water. Produced under appropriate cGMP controls and FDA protocols for Over The Counter (OTC) Active Drug Ingredients.

Making a

At Gray Beard Solutions, we are working to improve the world around us. Less than 1% of water on Earth can be consumed by humans. The wide selection of treatment chemical solutions that we develop make water systems operate more efficiently, ensuring that more water is available for consumption.  

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We are a market leader in the distribution of both industrial and specialty cleaning ingredients, meeting the needs of our clients in the household, industrial and institutional (HI&I) market. The range of cleaning products we offer is extensive, and we have worked hard to bring the most efficient, safe and effective blends to the marketplace.